2/11: OYSTER FEST! - 2-6pm

If you're following along with our other SF Beer Week events, you're beginning to see the pattern here.  We're using Beer Week as an excuse to have some fun with our favorite edible and drinkable things.  We'd be remiss not to turn our attention to the oyster, then.  From 2-6pm Magnolia will turn into your favorite oyster bar, with Matt out front shucking, and the rest of the kitchen preparing oysters just about every way you can imagine (or hope for).  Here's the menu:

Fresh-shucked West Coast Oysters
lemon, Saison de Lily mignonette, fresh horseradish
2 each-

Marinated Oysters
chili, cucumber, micro red mustard
3 for 6-

BBQ'd Oysters
3 for 6-

Oysters Rockefeller
3 for 6-

Warm Frisee and Radicchio Salad
fried pheasant egg, oyster vinaigrette

Hangtown Fry
bacon, shallot, mache

Oyster Chowder
crispy leeks, smoked oyster oil

Rocky Mountain Oysters
oyster stout mustard

And, oyster stout, of course, both our own Oysterhead Stout, brewed with 20 dozen Hog Island Sweetwater oysters, and an oyster stout from 21st Amendment.  Plus, it's the release date of this year's Saison de Lily!